Back in the Swing of Things

New look for our website! Oh yeah. It’s been a little quiet around here for a while, but that’s not because we haven’t been busy.

Once we he decided to get the MonkeySite (nobody calls it that) back up to speed we realised just how much had happened since Matt had started posting about his new company. We’d put together 13 projects for Scienceworks – Museum Victoria alone. Thirteen! Quadcopters, see-through touchscreens, RFID chips, eye-trackers, projection mapping as well as all the usual game tech. We’ve worked on an art project for an exhibition for the South Australian Museum. There was an interactive mirror screen for night club events. We made a four-player installation game for ANZ to get people running around its dome at the Australian Open.

We’re pretty deep into development of our first original IP game and we’ve sent a pitch off for our next one. We’ve also expanded to have the firepower for some new client work. So many monkeys. And we’re having a blast.