Launch Day … And Exhale


When I joined Many Monkeys more than two years ago, I submitted design ideas for what would eventually become Breath of Light. Back then it was called Feng Shui Master and it was much more slapstick. My favourite part was writing things like this:

Focus! Harness your inner power to move the lamp, young one. You are a student of Feng Shui, not a removalist!
— Feng Shui Grandmaster, Mittsy

While Feng Shui Master never quite gelled, we found our way to Breath of Light slowly but surely. (This was a journey with some lovely art and strange design challenges that we’ll cover another day).

Jumping forward to today, the game has launched internationally and we’ve had it translated into 12 languages.

We’re in that strange limbo where we don’t have any information about how it’s going, but we’re feeling pretty good because we’re confident we captured the emotion we had in mind for Breath.

We had that magic moment when we started laying in Winterpark’s lovely, minimalist soundtrack and everything just started to click together.

We’ve been in a crowded place, handed people the game, passed over the headphones and then watched them drop out of the noise and just disappear into Breath.

It’s launch day. We’re tired. We’re excited. And we’re pretty proud. We can’t wait to hear how Breath of Light makes you feel.