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In Breath of Light players transfer living energy through puzzles to connect the white lotuses in the most beautiful way possible. The energy can’t be touched directly, but it can be guided by rearranging mystics stones in your dream-like Zen garden that sits beyond time. No clocks or scores here. Just gorgeous music, flowing puzzles and a slightly surreal atmosphere that’s designed to take you out of the everyday.

Breath is designed to be mediative and the more you rush, the less quickly you tend to go. Overall it’s a little like a Zen garden made out of the leftovers of the 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith and designed by a monastic order of masseuses.

Massaging the lower lumbar of your consciousness.

Breath of Light is Many Monkeys’ first public game release and is available on iPad and iPhone.

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Soundtrack by Winterpark. Available on Bandcamp.

Breath of Light Soundtrack by Winterpark





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