Bush Magic Billabong – NGV

Many Monkeys created two interactive billabongs (lakes or ponds, for non-Aussies) in the National Gallery of Victoria. They were designed as a part of the galley’s Express Yourself: Romance Was Born for Kids exhibit.

The billabongs used projectors and motion tracking to allow children to interact with clear water, lily pads and outrageously coloured fresh-water creatures boasting pattern design from Sydney-based fashion house Romance was Born.

Children chased, and were chased, by vibrant frogs, tadpoles, fish and even a baby crocodile. Watching children at play we noticed that people like to be the only critter left in the little lakes … and frogs on lily pads had better hop lively!

Name drop alert! The exhibit opened with The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier, and we were lucky enough to see the fashion icon come through, see our work and make a ripple.