This is Many Monkey’s second big game project and will follow Breath of Light. It’s currently in the early stages of development. Here’s the teaser…


“Outside dreams, I’d never had a drop of fatherly advice or even seen his face. That changed when I stepped onto the forbidden path and his unmarked diary — which I’d assumed was dumb from neglect — came to life as I walked where he walked. Recounting his steps, while guiding mine, it blurs past and present into an adventure that cheats loss, absence and time.”
— Taegan Aver, ex-Middledale Barkeep-in-Waiting

Leaves is a story-driven exploration and adventure game with splashes of action. It combines elements of games like Ico, Swords and Sworcery, the brand-new Hyperlight Drifter and the Sierra classic Hero’s Quest.

CHARACTER_1In it, a magic diary describing your father’s journey through the woods is both your guide and a link to a parent you never knew, blending past and present on a trail through the leaves.

It’s about 11th-hour advice and knowing when to listen and when to rebel. Mostly, it’s about growing up and not just from teen to young adult, but also from free-wheeling adult to someone supporting something greater. There will probably also be some level of talking animals.

Leaves concept art

Leaves concept art: Shaping a new enchanted forest

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