Think Ahead: Scienceworks – Museum Victoria (Multiple Projects)

Many Monkeys created a baker’s dozen interactive display projects for the Think Ahead: Scienceworks – Museum Victoria exhibition. Think Ahead is one of the permanent installations at the museum and looks at advances in science and technology across ten themes.

The Many Monkeys projects used a range of technologies and hardware including projection mapping, eye tracking, a see-through LCD screen and even a leap-motion controlled quadcopter.


  • Future Electricity – A projection-mapped exploration of home energy usage
  • Food Scanner – Lazy Susan that emulates food scanning and displays its nutritional value. This included RFID tags and a see-through LCD touchscreen to take users into the future of food scanning.
  • Multitouch Education Table – Multitouch QR-code scanning table allowing multiple people to discover and read information about current-day futuristic research.
  • Eye Tracker – This installation used eye-tracking to allow viewers to explore a sweeping 360 panorama of Melbourne city.
  • Face Ager – See your face age right before your eyes! Fun for kids (and avoided by adults). Combined face tracking with image morphing technology
  • Smart Spotting from Above – A Leap Motion controlled quadcopter. Translating Leap Motion input to the throttle control via Ardunio programming.
  • Leap Drawing – A gesture-controlled drawing application
  • Space Tunnel Racer – A simple Leap Motion controlled space racing game
  • Design Your Own Alien – Combine fun alien parts into new creatures, which dance at the end
  • Design Your Own Shoe – Animated, future shoes are at your finger tips
  • Design Your Own Career – A vocation councillor … in space
  • Design Your Own Postcard – Wish you were here. When here is in the future. And involves spacesuits.
  • Design Your Own Badge – A peak into the chest-wear of the future.