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26 March, 2015

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Breath of Light is a beautiful and meditative puzzle game featuring a hypnotic soundscape. Guide the breath of light through the puzzles and try to connect life to life in the most beautiful and fluid ways possible. This is done by rearranging stones in a serene and slightly dream-like Zen garden. These stones can gently push, pull, bend, reflect or shift the flow according to their size, shape and character. Don't worry, there are no scores or time limits. The breath itself has the feel of qi or life force and has a rhythm of its own; trying to rush it will only slow you down. Breath of Light is designed to take you out of the everyday. It is a relaxing puzzle game that's a little Zen garden, a little lotus flower and lot of flowing good vibes.


We wanted to build something peaceful, joyful and dead gorgeous. Many Monkeys has a strong background in interactive art installations using game technology and we really wanted to make something that just felt great. One of the first directions we took was far more comical. It was called Feng Shui Master and revolved around the idea of fighting through the mindful art of furniture arrangement. In a Zen move, as we built the game we pulled out the elements we didn't need. By the end of that process what we were left was Breath of Light.


  • Beautiful and meditative puzzle game.
  • No time limits, no points, just connecting good vibrations.
  • A focus on feel and connection.
  • Step out of the bustle of the everyday.
  • Enchanting soundtrack by Winterpark.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Australian Game Developer Award 2015 Winner - Excellence in Art." Award Ceremony, 28 October, 2015
  • "Australian Game Developer Award 2015 Winner - Excellence in Audio." Award Ceremony, 28 October, 2015
  • "Australian Game Developer Award 2015 Finalist - Excellence in Design." Award Ceremony, 28 October, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "Breath of Light is a meditative, zen like puzzle game that is beautiful, distinctive and fun to play … There is a feeling of perfection in the design."
    - Ben Jarris, TouchArcade
  • "As a unique, gamified version of guided meditation, Breath of Light helps you enter a state of calm serenity without you even noticing."
    - Jess Joho, KillS Screen
  • "… a puzzle game like no other – gentle, relaxing and meditative, using flowing shapes and music to create an addictive experience."
    - Garry Barker, The Mac Man, The Age
  • "The game is intended to provide — and, indeed, does provide — small pools of calm in a hectic life."
    - Michelle Starr, CNET

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Original Soundtrack
Created by Winterpark and available on winterpark.bandcamp.com.

About Many Monkeys Development

Many Monkeys is an Australian independent game studio that explores places where games, interactive art spaces and roundabout shakespeare references meet. It’s more fun than a barrel of game devs.

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Breath of Light Credits

Matt Ditton
Business & Development, Many Monkeys Development

Tom Killen
Programmer & Gameplay Developer, Many Monkeys Development

Ryan Murphy
Programmer, Many Monkeys Development

Timothy C Best
Designer, Many Monkeys Development

Michele Iannello
Designer, Many Monkeys Development

Scott Bartlett
Artist, Many Monkeys Development

Ben Weatherall
Concept Artist, Freelancer

Ed Blanch
3D Artist, Freelancer, Considerable Content

Music and audio


Matt Ditton

Many Monkeys Development

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